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Some additional details include (about JavaFX), as a result of trialling Expeditee compile in 2020-09 version of Eclipse with JDK14

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1Importing Expeditee into Eclipse
3New -> Other -> Java Project from Existing Ant Buildfile
4Set the build file as Expeditees build.xml
5Change the project name as required
9For newer version of Java used by Eclipse you need to include the
10JavaFX jar files as library files to the project, as these are no longer
11included as part of the JDK. You might also need to control the Java modules
12in play. A good guide to this can be found at:
16Convert to Eclipse Plugin
18Plugins cannot have dependant projects that are not plugins themselves. Therefore if you writing a eclipse plugin or RCP application that involes Expeditee you will need to convert Expeditee to a plugin project.
20Right click on your Expeditee project in the package explorer.
21Configure Menu -> Convert to Plug-in Projects..
22Open up your MANIFEST.MF file in eclipse (Inside META-INF folder)
23Goto the 'Runtime' tab.
24In the 'Classpath' area remove all entries except the expeditee jar file
25Open up your buildpath for the project.
26Right Click project -> Build Path -> Configure build path
27Remove all .jar entries from the libraries tab.
28Go back to the class path area of the runtime tab in MANIFEST.MF
29Select 'Add...' and proceed to add all the jars listed in releases\jars and releases\jars\ext
31You should now be able to run your eclipse plugin/rcp that depends on Expeditee
33A note on new jar files
35If a new jar file is added to expeditees libraries then you are going to have to tell the MANIFEST.MF file about it (as well as your project classpath).
36Failure to do this will cause a runtime exception when the jar file is asscessed; because the plugin doesn't think you should have access.
38To add the new jar file: open MANIFEST.MF
39Go to the 'Runtime' tab and add it as a required jar on the classpath area.
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